E-mobility is the natural evolution of eco-sustainable transport, the today and the future 2.0 mobility.
Scooters and e-bikes are hybrid vehicles combining muscular strength with the electric strength of an engine.
The additional thrust is used only when you activate it and it lets you keep a lesser and homogeneous effort during the use.
Our products are all zero-emission. Efficiency, power, design, well-being and eco-sustainability: what else do you need?

There are a lot of advantages:

  • Less effort to go to school or work
  • Saving time by moving faster
  • Overcoming city traffic
  • Means of transport sometimes delay, if you entrust to our vehicles for your daily trips or combine transport you will gain efficiency
  • Take the opportunity to keeping fit without it takes too much time
  • Have fun! E-scooter and e-bikes are suitable for all ages

The autonomy of an electric vehicle depends on the slope of the route, the level of assistance selected for riding, the number of breaks and stops made, user weight, muscle, strength and many other factors.

Our products will guarantee a maximum speed of 25 km/h in accordance with the new highway code, article 50 of the Legislative Decree. 30/04/1992 (this limit obviously refers to the assisted speed and not to the maximum speed that can be reached without assistance).

The reasons are many. Let’s try to synthesize them.

Our e-bikes are born from a partnership with an important international manufacturer who has been designing and manufacturing pedal-assisted bikes for over ten years. They are a symbol of excellence, performance, prestige and innovation.

Throughout the development and production phase, strict controls are carried out to ensure that each e-bike model represents the best that can be found into the market.

Design and technology
Ultralight materials, innovative technology and Made in Italy design are all distinctive elements of our e-bikes. Our bikes are easy to handle, comfortable and are assembled with the best elements from all over the world.

All the paints we use are Y.S paint from Taiwan, the top in the industry, water-based and totally safe.