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Warranty Terms

The warranty on the products is the one established by the law in force for the protection of the User (24 months starting from the date of the proof of purchase in favor of the consumer user, 12 months for the non-consumer user, or natural or legal person who acts in the scope of his professional activity) and is valid in the event that defects of compliance (breakdowns and / or malfunctions) arising from potential manufacturing defects.
Parts and accessories subject to consumption are excluded from the warranty terms previously indicated regardless of the quality of the purchaser of the product: 6 months for accessories, 12 months for battery (electrical parts, 6 months for consumables, i.e. cells), engine and control unit.
The product is to be considered valid for the purposes of the warranty only if accompanied by a proof of purchase (receipt or invoice) which clearly indicates the date of purchase.
The warranty is valid in Italy only and the related conditions are not applicable in case of deterioration or defects if this is the result of ordinary use of the materials that can be subject to wear or caused by assembly errors, lack of maintenance and / or use non-compliant to the instructions, such as: damage caused by impacts, accidental falls or collisions, use, exposure or storage in an inadequate environment, failure to adjust mechanical parts, tampering and forcing parts, incorrect or inadequate maintenance or modification, improper use of the product (load excess, competitions, commercial rental or rental activities), repairs and / or technical interventions carried out by unauthorized third parties.

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