"Sustainable mobility means giving people the opportunity to move freely, communicate and establish relationships without ever losing sight of the human and environmental aspects, now and in the future"

World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Road congestion, transport costs, air and noise pollution. The negative consequences of traditional mobility are now evident to everyone. In the same way, it is clear that our choices and habits play a crucial role in kick-starting change.

ARGENTO E-MOBILITY is at the forefront of the sustainable mobility revolution. It is a new way of thinking about the way we live our life in the city, to get around while reducing the impact we have on the environment and those around us.

Electric micro mobility is in fact the ideal solution for maintaining an active lifestyle, while helping to solve the problems related to motorized mobility, without negatively impacting on the effectiveness of daily trips around the city.

We are also committed to using a water-based painting technique for our products, thus reducing the impact of one of the most polluting processes in the production of bicycles, without affecting colour rendering or resistance to shocks and chemical agents.

Urban electric mobility offers numerous benefits:

Choose an effective alternative for going to the office, university or getting around at the weekend

Be independent and flexible without having to depend on public transport

Combine private and public mobility to be efficient and sustainable

Eliminate stress, don’t get stuck in city traffic

Stay active every day without giving up free time


And above all have fun while getting around!


ecological, agile, accessible and smart vehicles
for the future of our green and connected cities

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